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Online Continuation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved our event online. This is a trying time for everyone, but it will be especially difficult for artists including those that we had hired for this event. We not only want to continue to support them and hold true to our commitment to hire them, but we also want to offer you, our "attendees", some content to keep you inspired by jazz and the Lindy Hop during this period of isolation and social distancing. Below we've outlined what we are still expecting to offer from each of our artists, but please note that this may change.


For those of you who purchased the All-Access Weekend Pass, Gaby Cook and Nathan Bugh will be providing videos of solo and partnered class content for you to practice at home. These files will be yours to download, so you can keep them forever and continue to improve your dancing once our social distancing restrictions are lifted.


Miss Jubilee and the Yas Yas Boys are releasing a new CD and will be hosting a CD release party for our attendees. They will be playing through the album live online and talking about the history and recording of the songs.

Robert Bell & the Hot Swing Combo will be playing a live set that will be streamed online for our attendees.

Further details of the times and places for these events will be provided shortly.

Our DJ, Cindiasaurus Rex, will provide all of our dance attendees with a playlist inspired by our bands. Not only will you get to hear their great music, but now you get to see the whole list of what they played so that you can listen to Cindy's tunes over and over again.

This content (the band livestream and Cindy's playlist) will be available to anyone who purchased the All-Access Pass or the Dance Pass.


Our photographer, Sammi Kunz, is also a professional graphic designer, so she will be providing all our attendees with a Lindy Hop inspired background wallpaper. Use it on your computer or your phone to remain inspired and engaged with the Lindy Hop throughout this trying time.