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Our Bands

Miss Jubliee
Miss Jubilee and the Yas Yas Boys
St. Louis, MO

Based in St. Louis, MO, Miss Jubilee and her Yas Yas Boys play an energetic blend of low-down blues, hokum, and hot jazz from the 1920s and 30s. Their one-of-kind repertoire draws heavily from the female blues singers who helped define the genre. From Bessie Smith and Victoria Spivey, to the more obscure Merline Johnson and Lil’ Johnson, Miss Jubilee revives this music with a joy and effortless authenticity which has led her to be one of the most sought after and recognizable singers in St. Louis and the greater region.

Robert Bell
Robert Bell & the Hot Swing Combo
Minneapolis, MN

The Robert Bell Hot Swing Combo exists for the sole purpose of providing music for dancers. The opportunity to be as expressive, creative and innovative as possible while dancing to a combo of musicians tuned into connection is paramount.

Previous performances include - Cowtown Jamborama, DCLX, Hawkeye Swing Festival, Heartland Swing Festival, Twin Cities Balboa Fest, KISS ME, Jumptown Swing, Lindy on the Rocks, Rocktoberfest, Swinger’s Ball, Midwest Lindyfest and of course the birthplace for the group – the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown.

Multiple genres including hot club swing, blues shuffles and early swing by artists including Django Reinhardt and Duke Ellington are performed with joy and reverence. A wide range of tempos, fiery solos, and an endless supply of energy, the Hot Swing Combo creates a modern ideal of this timeless music.

Our DJ

Cindiasaurus Rex
St Louis, MO

Cindy is a curator of jazz that celebrates and cultivates the energy on the dance floor so that it may awaken and inspire the dancers who fill it.