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Our Classes

Enjoy classes with the incredible Gaby Cook and Nathan Bugh!


This year, we will be offering three types of class pass:

The All-Access Weekend Pass will get you into ANY of the scheduled activities. The Weekend Pass classes will be at an intermediate+ level (see below for details). We will also have Beginner Track Passes available this year, which will get you into a full day of classes on Saturday, in addition to the live band dance on Saturday night. These classes will teach you the Lindy Hop from the ground up, no experience required. Our Solo Jazz Class Pass will get you into the two solo jazz classes that Gaby & Nathan are offering on Sunday morning. This pass does not include any dances, so it's a great option to choose with our Dance Pass!

See class pass pricing.

WAITLIST for followers: In order to make sure your classes are balanced, we are currently waitlisting followers for the All-Access Pass until we receive more registrations from leaders. If you wish to be added to the waitlist, please fill out your registration information as normal, however please refrain from paying your PayPal balance. We will inform you when you are off the waitlist and can complete the payment.
So, leaders: sign up now! Then we can open more spots for your partners!


If you are planning on purchasing the All-Access Weekend Pass, we will have a single track of classes open to dancers that meet or exceed the prerequisite skill level (intermediate). There will not be an audition process; however, the instructors will not stop or explain content covered by the prerequisites. Please be respectful of other dancers and sign up only if you meet the requirements. There are no prerequisites for the Beginner Track.


Please register for classes only if you meet or exceed the following requirements. We define "feeling comfortable" as being able to execute these movements in your social dancing at a range of tempos.

I feel comfortable dancing (a):


Classes are held at the Madison Circus Space, a brand new venue in the Atwood-Schenk neighborhood walking distance to plenty of lunch spots and shopping. All classes will be held in rooms with well cared for hardwood floors. A change of shoes is required so as to keep the floors in excellent condition. There are drinking fountains outside the classroom, so we recommend bringing a reusable water bottle (with a lid) if you want water in the room.